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St. Nicholas 2021

"In for a Landing"

Paper Giclee: 6x8 $20.00

Paper Giclee: 8x10 $45.00

Paper Giclee: 10x12 $65.00

Paper Giclee: 13x16 $95.00

Paper Giclee: 15x20 $120.00

07/05/21/ Janna McConnell/ Post/

"Top of the Trail" at Water Rock Knob

35th Anniversary Commemorative Print

Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

Paper Giclee Unframed: 16x21 $175.00

Paper Giclee Unframed: 14x18 $125.00

Paper Giclee Unframed: 8x10 $45.00

Paper Giclee Unframed: 6x8 $20.00

Paper Giclee Framed: 16x21 $550.00

Paper Giclee Framed: 14x18 $500.00

Paper Giclee Framed: 8x10 $235.00

Paper Giclee Framed: 6x8 $135.00

03/03/21/ Janna McConnell/ NEW/

"Smoky Mountain Elk"

"20th Anniversary of the Return of the Elk"

Commemorative Print

Paper Giclee: 6x8 $20.00

Paper Giclee: 7.5x10 $40.00

Paper Giclee: 9.5x13 $65.00

02/24/21 14:08:04/ Anon/ NEW/