About Teresa

About Teresa

Teresa Pennington is a self-taught colored pencil artist with a talent she says is God-given. Often spending as much as four months on one drawing, she meticulously renders the scenery, landmarks, flora and fauna of Western North Carolina with an emphasis on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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Biltmore Estate and others

Teresa as been commissioned by the Biltmore Estate for 17 years and has completed four series of drawings capturing the grandeur of the house and gardens.

She has also been commissioned by the U.S. Forest service, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and the Western N.C. Diocese of the Episcopal Church to render drawings as fund raising campaigns. Her newest project will be a series to raise money for the Southern Appalachians Highlands Conservancy, an organization dedicated to preserving land bordering our area's national forests. Her colored pencil drawings are reproduced as lithographs, giclees (digital prints) on paper and giclees on canvas. Many of her limited edition prints have sold out, creating a secondary market for her work.

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Pink Lady Slipper

lady slipper
Teresa's trademark is a pink Lady's Slipper, a wild orchid native to the mountain region, which appears in all her work since 1996 in memory of her mother.

In her Gallery you will find originals, limited edition prints, mini prints, cards and gifts. Music Boxes adorned by her work are available and may be custom ordered to suit. Custom framing is also available.

TPennington Art Gallery, Inc.

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Walk through the Gallery Online!

Virtual tour of the TPennington Gallery!

We've added a virtual tour of our gallery so you can see inside the front door! Click the link, but remember, it's no substitute for actually being here!

See the tour here!

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Find the Gallery

Find the Gallery

The TPennington Gallery is located at 15 Main St., in the town of Waynesville, NC.

A wide variety of Teresa's work can be found at the Gallery. Custom framing of her prints and originals is available.

15 N. Main St.,

Waynesville, NC 28786 • Phone:


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Inside TPennington Gallery


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